When I try sending an email with Outlook it bounces back or fails?

  • The most common reason is the size of the attachment. iCreate Hosting does not enforce an attachment limit, but if you’re sending a 10mb or larger attachment it may fail because the recipients server might be blocking the attachment size.
  • The server is designed to block some attachment types if they are not zipped up. A few of them being blocked are: .exe, .js, . SQL and more. The reason for this is that your mailbox would be flooded every day with viruses if this was not in place. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn this off; your only option is to zip your attachment.
  • The recipients mailbox is full. Read the error message that is coming back to you. Most of the time it will tell you exactly what’s wrong.
  • The recipients email address that you entered might be non existent or might have the wrong spelling.