Network Status and Issues

10 June 2015 – 15:37

We had some reported issues this morning that some users were unable to send emails and would get an error message back saying their email was marked as spam.

We have resolved the issue. We have updated all of our SPF records on all accounts to use the new IP address. (It was still using the IP from the old server which resulted in outgoing emails being seen as spam.)

Please open a ticket here if you experience any more issues with your emails.

04 June 2015 – 15:47

We have some issues when viewing the client area. There is a timezone setting that is giving problems but we are already on it.

We will update you here when this is fixed.

04 June 2015 – 12:38

We have moved ALL hosting accounts to the new VPS server. And we’ve have also pointed all domains to the new server.

Please wait for all name servers and domains to update before you make changes to your website to make sure you are not updating your website on the old server.

If you are experiencing any email issues, it will resolve itself. Your computer might still try to download emails from the old server while the domains propagate. It will automatically switch itself over to the new server and then it will start downloading emails from there.

Please click here to open a support ticket if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience.

The iCreate Hosting Team.

02 June 2015 – 16:30

iCreate Hosting Server Maintenance and Upgrade

A scheduled server upgrade will start Wednesday 3 June to Friday 5 June. Currently your website is hosted on a shared environment with other users which means that you share the same IP address with many other users. So we have decided to move to a new VPS server which means that all of our accounts are hosted on its own server instead of a shared server.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. And by hosting on a VPS server will reduce the risk of IP blacklisting. This goes hand in hand with our previous newsletter about keeping your WordPress website up to date and your computer free of malware by installing an Anti Virus program.

Please note that during this move we would require you NOT to make any updates to your website files or database from Wednesday 3 June 2015 at 8am to Friday 5 June 2015 until 9pm. This will give us 3 days to move over all the hosting accounts and to then update our name servers with the new IP.

* Please note:

  • if you did update something on the old server, the files and databases will still exist until the end of June if you need anything.
  • there will not be any downtime. Once all accounts are on the new server, we will update the IP addresses on our nameservers and ns2.icreatehosting. So it should switch instantly. We are making a backup of each account and then we’re moving it over. We are also removing emails from all the backedup email accounts to ensure that you don’t download any old emails. All email accounts will be exactly the same and all login details will stay exactly the same.

26 May 2015 – 12:47

We are still looking into the PHP mailing issue. Our server admins should have it up and running very soon.

25 May 2015 – 11:13

We are experiencing some problems with the server’s PHP mail function. So you might experience your PHP forms or forms on WordPress not sending messages. We are currently looking into this problem and will have it back to normal as soon as possible.

19 May 2015 – 08:11

We have updated the server to use a new dedicated IP address. Please test all emails to see if they are bouncing back. All outgoing emails should now be sending using the new IP address.

18 May 2015 – 17:03

We are in the process of assigning a new IP address to our server for ALL outgoing emails and updating all domains to use the new IP address. This should stop your emails from being recognised as coming from a blacklisted IP address.


18 May 2015 – 16:28

We are currently experiencing issues with the sending of emails. Our server IP has been blacklisted and we have requested it to be delisted.

This is caused by a users account that was compromised and then used to send out millions of spam emails. This resulted in the server IP address to get blacklisted.

Please follow this page for server issue updates.

Thank you

iCreate Hosting

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