Latest Client Area updates and website updates!


It’s been awhile since we’ve updated you on the happenings at iCreate Hosting.

We have been super busy making changes to our website, our client area, our support system and also our domain management system.

We always strived to keep our customers happy and we want to make your web hosting experience as a user as seamless as possible.

Here is a list of things that we have updated and changed in the last few months:

Updates to our domain registration and management system

We have decided to move all of our domains to a new registrar which uses an EPP system. Some of you might remember the old email ticket system where if you wanted to register a new domain, you have to fill in a form in a text document and then email it. A system will pick it up on the other side and register it. It was in no way connected with our billing system or your client area. Well. That’s all over now. The new EPP system is fully automated and is completely integrated with our billing system and will make domain management a breeze in the future both for us and for you.

Updates to our client area

In the past when using your client area, you were able to update your information for your account, but that only changed in your client area. Your registrar information would stay the same on your domain name. Now if you change your information like your address, name and phone number, it will automatically update your registrar information on your domain name too. You are now also able to change your domain names to auto renew when the renewal date comes which means when you pay the domain invoice, the domain will automatically renew on the registrar system. If you only have a domain name registered with us with no hosting, you are now able to update your name servers in your client area to point your domain to any server you like.

Update to the client area look and feel

If you visit our client area at you will notice that it looks exactly the same as the main website. It’s all integrated now and the flow is much better! Try it yourself!

Updates to the support ticket system

In the past when you created a support ticket using the client area, you would receive a reply from us that emails the ticket reply to your email address. But when you replied back on that email, your reply won’t get imported into the support ticket system. So some parts of the conversation would be missing.

Well, we’ve changed that. We’ve corrected the problem by automatically importing email replies on support tickets based on the ticket ID in the email subject into the system which enable us to track the whole support request from start to finish.

Logging into your client area from the main website and no more client area popups.

We’ve changed the way the client area is integrated into the main website. If you look at the top right of the iCreate Hosting website, you would see a big green button that says Client Login. You can now click there to login straight into your client area, and when you come back to the main site after you logged in, it will show that you are currently logged into your client area and will also show options for your account.

Also, in the past every time you clicked on a link that opens the client area, it opened in an ugly popup and did not look anything like the iCreate Hosting website. We have fixed that and everything are now integrated seamlessly.

The home page has changed! It’s now less text and more pictures. Less is more!

We have removed all the cluttered text that was on the home page and added a small description that explains who we are. Below that we added a HUGE domain registration form so that you can easily search for that domain you’ve always wanted. Everything starts with a domain. Underneath that we added big circles that links straight to all of the services that we offer.

Upcoming YouTube video tutorials for our Knowledge Base

We are in the process of creating YouTube channel for hosting tutorial videos on how to navigate your client area and your CPanel account. These videos will be available soon in our knowledge base section. We will send out a newsletter as well as an email to all of our clients to let you know when we’ve rolled it out.

Well, that’s it for now. We will update you with more changes as we make them!

Francois LaCock
iCreate Hosting