Google Page Speed Insights to improve SEO and page load time

Hello, I would like to tell you more about Google Page Speed Insights for developers and how it can benefit both the loading speed of your website and also SEO.

You might know that Google ranks your websites based on keywords to determine what your website is all about and how relevant it is to the keywords found on your website.¬†Google also ranks your website higher if you’ve got links from other websites to your website because then Google will see that you have valuable content on your website.

But there’s another thing which little people know about. Google also ranks your website on page load time. So if your website is image heavy and has to load a whole bunch of external scripts, then your website will load slower which means Google will rather rank another website higher because it loads much faster.

Well I have great news! Google has built a free tool which you can use to check the page load time of your website and it also gives you in details pointers on how to make your website load faster.

Google Developers Page Speed Insights

You can use this tool by typing in your domain name and then it will analyse your website and give suggestions how you can make your website load faster.

Things that it checks are the following:

  1. Is you CSS minified?
  2. Is your Javascript minified?
  3. Do you load external scripts?
  4. It will tell you how you can optimise your images to make it up to 50% smaller in filesize
  5. Browser caching using your .htaccess file.

These are only a couple of things that will help you.

Try out this tool. It’s great and will really help your page speed and SEO.