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What is Google AdWords Marketing and why should I make use of it?

What is Google AdWords marketing?

We have added a video below that explains exactly how AdWords work. Click here to view the video.

How much does Google AdWords cost?

All of our packages that we offer can be seen above. If you have any more questions, please contact us here.

Will my ads show at the top of Google every day?

Your monthly Google AdWords budget is divided into daily budgets. This is done to ensure that your budget lasts an entire month. Once your daily budget is depleted, your ads will stop showing on Google for the rest of the day and start showing again the following day. Any unspent budget will get carried over to the following day or month.

What locations can I target with Google AdWords?

AdWords location targeting is very flexible. You can target countries, provinces or just a 10km radius around your business.

Can I track Google AdWords clicks?

With Google Analytics we are able to track all of your keywords and text ads. We can even track user behaviour on your website after they have clicked on your ad.

Are there any Google AdWords contracts involved when signing up?

Not at all! It's pre-paid. No contracts. And You can cancel at any time.

Here is a quick video that explains what Google AdWords is all about?

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