How to change your email password in webmail or cpanel

There two ways of changing your email password. You can do it in your cPanel control panel or you can do it in your webmail. The tutorial below will show you how you can change it with both ways.

Changing Your Email Password using Webmail

You can use this method to change your existing password for your email account. Scroll down to Change your email password using your control panel.

To change your email password in webmail:

  1. Login to webmail at ( will be replaced by your own URL)
  2. Click Change Password
  3. In the new password field, type your new password for the email address (It’s recommended to use the password generator button indicated below to make sure you have a secure password)
  4. Confirm your password that you’ve typed in the first field, unless you have generated a password using the button then it will be filled in for you.
  5. Click “Save”.

You should receive a confirmation page showing that your password was successfully modified.

Changing Email Password through cPanel

If you or the email account owner has lost or forgotten the password, the password can be changed through cPanel.

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Under the email section, click on Accounts

  3. On the next page you will see all your current email accounts. Next to the account that you would like to change, click on “Change Password”
    This will slide down a form where you can either choose a new password or you can generate one by clicking on the “Password Generator button”.

  4. When you have either chosen your new password or generated one, click the button “Change Password”. Note: The password strength meter will indicate the difficulty of the password when you choose your own one.