Andrew Phiri


My name is Andrew, I have been designing and hosting Websites since 2004. I have used more than 20 different hosting companies but all of them were the same. Slow log in details delivery, wrong log in details that don’t work and takes very long time to propagate until one day I ended up with iCreate Hosting. I have even hosted on American Servers, Germany Servers and You Guys are THE BEST!

You don’t take 60 years to do log in details and your log in details always work, you are affordable professional and YOU ARE THE WORLDS BEST AT SERVICE DELIVERY AND CUSTOMER CARE I HAVE EVER SEEN! Keep it up guys I have been with you since last year. So far I have no regrets when I started with you, I thought you would be the worst nightmare recorded in the history of web hosting because you don’t have a telephone number, but I have no regrets. You reply to your e-mails quicker that the world best secretary can answer a phone. It’s like you wait for the E-mails. You are hands on and best.  If you were a government, you would be the best government on service delivery holding a key to world problems but at your position no company can march your service excellence.  Keep it up You are the greatest because I said so.

Chief Developer ( CEO Apanom Graphics and Webdesign.